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The need for mental health professionals is greater than ever.

Over the past year, with the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are living in a particularly stressful environment, which means the need for mental health services is greater than ever before. CHE offers 1:1 virtual therapy sessions as well as in-patient services to long-term care facilities and we are looking to grow our team of licensed mental health professionals.

Where Does CHE Provide Services?

CHE Behavioral Health Services provides in-person and telehealth services in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Skilled Nursing Facilities Positions

CHE partners with multiple long-term nursing facilities and short-term rehabilitation centers to provide behavioral services to adult and geriatric patients.

  • In-Person
  • Focused on adult and geriatric patients in long term nursing facilities and short term rehabilitation facilities
  • Monday-Friday schedule, 7AM-7PM
Telehealth Positions

CHE provides effective, confidential teletherapy services for a variety of conditions including depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, couples therapy and more.geriatric patients.

  • Telehealth, virtual
  • 18+ general population
  • 7 days a week, 7AM-11PM

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CHE Behavioral Health Services is committed to the ongoing professional development and training of our qualified professionals.

In our efforts to expand our telehealth services and support the continual development of clinical expertise, geropsychology and health/rehab psychology competencies, and implementation of best practices and integrative models of care, CHE offers a number of professional development opportunities, including:

Work Flexibility

Our business structure allows an increased level of flexibility when it comes to total hours and you are able to set a schedule that works for you and your family.

Professional development

You’ll receive access to in-person training, educational webinars, e-learning modules and clinical resource guides on various topics as well as access to continuing education (CE) opportunities.

Qualified Support

We offer quality assurance programs to support best practices and provide one-to-one clinical consultation and support.


All CHE Behavioral Health hires are W2 employees which makes them eligible for our competitive benefits program, 401k with a 25% match, and paid malpractice support.

Who Is CHE?

CHE helps to shine a spotlight on the importance of mental and behavioral health issues. Through our work in senior nursing facilities and our telehealth services, we serve as a lifeline for patients dealing with an array of mental health issues.

What Our Employees Are Saying

Our directors and supervisors inspire me every day. They are great resources and very knowledgeable; they also allows us to take our own way as long as we get to the finish line.

CHE has given me a lot of opportunity to develop personally and professionally. I've grown in my role. I'm much more confident than I was at my previous jobs because I feel supported by my mangers.

We are a company that shines a spotlight on the importance of mental and behavioral health issues. We pride ourselves on being a lifeline for patients and maintain a connection through both in-person treatment and telehealth services.

Join our growing team of licensed mental health professionals

Join our growing team of
licensed mental health professionals

Browse Available Positions

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